Dissapointments can be looked at in a good way.

Today we had been to an event to witness the FIFA 2022 trophy at one of the Arabian souqs here in Qatar.

We stood in the queue like thousand others only to be told “times up. Better luck next time.” It was a 3 hour event and number of people exceeded the number of hours the trophy would be on display. I am not at all a sports fan and i find every single sport boring to the core.

However i went coz the kids wanted to go. It was a very difficult deal to watch them tiring their legs for 3 long hours only to face dissapointment.

Now there were tons of things to blame. Mismanagement of the volunteers, their lack of sense as to how many people should be allowed at an event which is for a limited time and many many more senseless decisions of theirs.

But as we were walking home dejected tired and angry at the level of bad luck we were carrying today…. I kept thinking. Offcourse it was a bad day. It was a disastrous waste of precious time. And all for a stupid trophy which really makes no sense to us. It only matters to the football fans worldwide. This brought me to a thought.

The two teams in the finals of the game. So hopeful of winning the trophy. One looses. The other wins. The losing team must be going through hell of emotions and hate for themselves though they may exhibit premium sportsmanship on the field. Each player will regret not winning the finals for months to come or even years.

Our dissapointment at not being able to view the trophy is much lesser in comparison to what the losing team might feel. My legs ache today and i am sad the kids couldn’t click a picture with the trophy.

But at the end of the day i know il go to sleep, wake up and forget about what happened. Call it Just a bad day.. And move on. Offcourse i wouldn’t be risking going to another FIFA event only to witness crowds…. but one thing is for sure.

The winning team will always remember the trophy they held and the losing team will remember for years to come that they came so close to winning it but didnt.

Dissapointments. Look at them carefully. U may feel like they are only meant to be in your life.

Not necessarily. Your disappointment may be much lesser than someone elses with regards to the same subject. So smile and move on. I have had a panadol for my aching legs and gone off to sleep. So you too pack up your dissapointments if any, be grateful for little things in your life and do not fret over things you cannot control. 😊❤️❤️

Not knowing how to cook especially after marriage is one of the most horrendous of all other discomforts you go through. And more when you have ample amount of taunts coming your way from the sisters in law mothers in law and all the possible people related to you only by law. I did not know much cooking when i got married since i was a working woman. Right after college I was working and all I could cook was a basic meal. But whenever there would be biryani or butter chicken or dosa or medu vada sambar being cooked in the home after marriage I would get a scrumptious bite of tantrums from the women in law about how I was of no help and also loads of bragging about how they knew and I did not. I was learning slowly but that did not count. It would hurt. I would feel so left out and clueless in the kitchen that it killed my apetite for food. I kept feeling like i am eating without any efforts put in. But i sit down and think. The teacher who is teaching my child right now in school as i write this does not have time to cook lunch. Coz common sense! She is in school from 7 am to 1pm. There may be few who cook before the sun rises and then rush to school. But isnt it too much to ask. My family doctor, my dentist, my office going neighbor does not have time to cook and hence they have help. The helping lady cooks for the household and the rest manage their routines. But when the women in law do not like having outsiders come and cook for you and expect your working daughter in law to know how to cook biryani and A complete breakfast each day, it is ridiculous. Now after 8 years of being at home and raising my kids there is no more fear of the kitchen. The circumstances life throws at you train you well they do! Thanks to my fast learning skill (which i am immensely proud of and will brag about) and thanks to the internet too. Cooking isn’t rocket science. But the ladies who are related to you by law find a lot of solace in putting you down and showing you how you cannot do what they can.. But hello!!!! Can they work like you can. They have been at home forever by choice and hence the situation demands they know the kitchen better than you. So respect the working woman. Give her good vibes when she returns home tired and do not make her feel .. ‘Aa gayi bana banaya khane’ . OR… ‘Kitchen mein kitni garmi hai, jo khana banata hai wahi jaanta hai’. Today when i cook gulab jamun or neer dosa or biryani or fish curry or idli sambar, i cannot help think how i felt when i wasn’t the one cooking. It is a feeling of guilt combined with helplessness and eventually hate for yourself.. All the present ladies in law and future ones too.. Think before you pass judgements and dont be a shallow soul. ðŸ™‚

Far into the mind

Woke up at 5am.

Desperately wanted some tea.no milk in the refrigerator. Picked up my jacket and keys.drove to the nearest supermarket.

On the way all just so abnormally silent.no people,no cars,no nobody on the streets. Shops open but no one in there. No vehicles,no strays ,no early morning rush.

Still drove my car. All seemed too weird. But thought to myself. May be i am just overreacting. Is it a Sunday? No it isnt. but then how is there nobody!! absolutely nobody!!

Felt like just me on this planet. As my thoughts raced ahead of my car ,i soon realized i am at the store. Parked my car. Rushed inside hoping to find someone . but again. nobody in the supermarket too. Have i lost it!!!!! Is this a normal day?? Has something happened?

By now i was cold to my bones. Picked up milk but no one at the billing counter. I screamed. This isn’t happening. Is this a prank? No reply. Just deafening silence.

I screamed and screamed as loud as i could.

Just then i felt someone shaking me violently.pushing me in my arm..calling my name, asking me to wake up.

Opened my eyes. I was blank. But never before was i so grateful. It was a dream….haha……but it shook me good .i rushed to my window.. Relieved to see a long queue of cars and bikes and trucks all beginning their day… people rushing to work.

And i smiled to myself.

Life would be so much scarier with nobody around but you. and suddenly i was thankful for all the noise around me.good, bad and ugly noises. For there has to be sound. there has to be a commotion.

That’s life.

And there was milk in the refrigerator too.

Aahaaa !!!!life was great again.

Thoughts. How fast they keep coming and they don’t stop. Thoughts are like a flowing river forever flowing into our minds. So much that when you are trying to sleep you can never empty your mind off the thoughts.

I wonder how does one think nothing. I tried a few times but couldnt.

Tried not to bring any thoughts into my mind but then you start getting conscious of the fact that you are trying to hold an empty mind….. there you go

Another thought. How difficult it is to calm down. How big an effort is needed to not think anything. Funny and a nonsense thought

But worth thinking…..see…. A thought again!!

Clutter oh clutter!

Walking through the rooms of my home

I see this and i see that

Too many sandals, too many clothes, and a useless stuffed cat

I wonder do i really need all this?

Why have i let this be?

Why have i let things crowd my space?

Clutter clutter everywhere , cant i truly see?

I run to the living room

I see more useless than useful

I start to think, its about time i clear up space

Things unwanted picking up pace

So i decide……

Home is a place to unwind, to be just a little more you

lets not clutter our soulful abode

Lets not make it a crowded market,

Only to struggle finding your way through.

Observatory series :

Part 3 :Prayers

When i say my evening prayers, i hear the prayers being offered in the mosque near where i stay.

I cant help but think that we in our different languages, different prayers and different ways speak to same almighty whom we dont see but believe exists in every single atom of this universe.

Each mind has something to be grateful for, some have a prayer they want answered, some have a wish they want fulfilled, some just bow down to the great force that made us.

It is amazing how he understands each of us in our different dialects and it is beyond comprehension the amount of faith he instills in us.

The proof that he likes and listens to our evening prayer is the lovely evening sky in its wonderful colours… Just like the many wonderful ways of our prayers.

The observatory series.

Part 2 :- The Sun

I see the sunset at the horizon

With a promise to return

I see the sunrise early morning

Filling the day with ray and hope

I see a pattern, I see a lesson

I see ourselves as life unfolds each day

We laugh we cry we love we play

Always leaving behind a promise

A promise to begin again

When hope has dwindled

A promise to be strong

A promise to run along.

A promise… Just like the sun

A promise…. Life is fun.

The observatory series:

In this series of observations around me I Shall take you all to notice that which is around us but we do not see. That which is beautiful, constantly giving out a radiant ray of hope. That which is teaching us something, however small, each day. ❤️❤️

Part 1: Birds

Have you ever thought about the birds that fly around! 🐦On tree tops and roof tops. One window sill to another. 🐥One green branch to another.. Do they have a plan?🐣How do they begin their day? Do they decide their route the night before?🦅

Or may be they just flutter their wings. 🕊️They just enjoy their boon. They fly high, take in the air, chirp squeak and sing joyfully.🦜 May be there is no plan🦉. It is just joy until the sun sets. And rises again for another day. 🦚Much to learn from these birds.

Much to live life like they do.❤️

To learn to give up worries.🧡

To learn to embrace joy.💙

To learn to embrace a gift called life. 💜

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