Few life lessons from desperate housewives…….

des hwvs

des hwvs 2

I recently happened to have an addiction to a TV show that aired sometime ago on American television.Yes…Desperate Housewives.

All my years when i was a working woman,i neither had the time nor the inclination to be on social media or see television or visit the theatre or anything related .Simply because it was just home and work for me.I had no time or the strength to follow episode after episode of a TV show or even go watch a movie.

So now when i was desperate enough as a housewife ,i came across this show on a video subscription i paid for.And before i knew i was hooked on to it .Speaking psychologically,there is so much to learn from these women.Though all of them are not perfect as women,each of them has something that is a part of us.Every character has a trait that is our trait too and when it shows up we are like ,”Ohh!i feel the same way.this is me.”

So today i want to pen down certain life lessons learnt from these lovely ladies that we must incorporate into our lives too.

Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo:———–Lynette’s traits: a mother of 5, a full time mom,a loving wife,a control freak and a lady who likes raising her kids to be responsible adults.What i learn from Lynette is ,as mothers we may sometimes take our children for granted,sometimes we may be able to do nothing about the decisions they take and sometimes we may just need to nod our heads and listen to them.As a mom,a wife ,a daughter in law you become a punching bag of sorts for everybody’s emotions and no matter how much of a talk you want to give to your kids ,husband or your in laws ,they may not always be interested.On the contrary as you try to correct and control them ,they erupt like the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii leaving you all burnt and disgusted.So to other desperate housewives you may seem like you are in control , but deep inside you know things are way too haphazard when it comes to family.And that is alright!! Yes it is!None of us are perfect you see!

Teri Hatcher as Susan Delphino:——————Susan’s traits:sexy ,a romantic at heart,a doting mother,a loving wife and also a go getter.When i see Susan i like her never give up attitude.whether it is a financial crunch or a woman trying to steal her man she will go to any limits to save her family and keep it together.It is not easy when your man is the center of attraction for another woman.It is never an easy affair.Here the trust between you and your man proves to be an electric fence around him that no other woman can trespass.Also what I learn from Susan is when you need to provide a helping hand to run your family ,you do what it takes.It may turn out to be a risky job sometimes and not all jobs offer you security and peace of mind , nevertheless they bring in the money.(however please do not read ‘ANY JOB’here ..Only those jobs that keep your dignity and character intact.and yes, always keep your partner in the loop about what you are up to).Susan also taught me that home is where the heart is.It is only in your home that you feel in place and at peace.

Marcia Gross as Bree Van de kam:————-Bree’s traits: hardworking,a bit self centered,a businesswoman,smart,practical and also a loving mother to her children.Not to forget Bree has always been the little girl on the inside although the numbers may add to her age on the outside.Talking about it ,don’t we all love being the girl we were at 16?Ohh yes we do!Nobody likes being old and acting their age no matter how much their bodies ask them to.We love to look younger,dress younger and feel younger.And that’s how it should be…Age should just be a number to define your time on this planet since you inhabitated it.Talking about being practical, we need to be practical whilst dealing with people whom we come across.You have got to say a no when you feel like saying it and a yes should always be reserved for circumstances that make you happy.You need to feel important from within.You got to be self centered to a limit and value yourself..Or else ,no one else will .

Eva Longoria Parker as Gabriel Solis:—————–Gabby’s traits:she loves her girls,still misses her modelling career,selfish but only for the sake of her family’s interest, hyperactive about raising her children right and a truly helpful friend whenever you need her.when you are born a girl I think the word sacrifice comes attached with the umbilical cord.You may not sacrifice anything all your childhood even when you are a young girl.You may make your career choices,you live your best life and splurge the money you earn on yourself.All this until you fall in love and now one more person is a priority in addition to your own self.So for this love,you sacrifice.Sacrifice your career,move to another town, city or country leaving your family behind,you cook though the thought of kitchen and the heat in there irks you.Yet you do all this…For love.And you may not always be appreciated.You may be questioned about how you raise your children,how you prioritize,how much more time you spend on yourself than your family and how criminal that is.

Not everyone may step into your shoes and see what it feels like .But they are forever at your door with a basket full of freshly baked advice.What i like about Gabriel is she is proud of who she is,proud of her choices,proud of her girls and she does not let anybody let her change that belief.She misses her career once in a while but then she is filled with gratitude when she looks at her family smiling and happy together.When i see Gabriel ,i see myself missing my job,the person I loved to be but yes I also think to myself, tonight I am in bed with my kids by my side and I don’t have to put on make up and rush for a midnight flight across the Atlantic..Sometimes life takes ,sometimes life gives.

I have been learning all my life from people around me and their takes on life.Every single detail on how they deal with circumstances provide me with an insight and a solution.What else do you call life? It is the sum total of people you meet ,experiences you gain and lessons you learn.

So I am sure each of you find a little part of you in these women and yes if you still haven’t come across them,take a look !!!

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