Fear. It couldbe anything. Fear of trying on something new. Fear of a new job. Fear of giving a relationship a name. Fear of improving yourself. Fear. It arises out of uncertainty of results that haunt us. Will I succeed? Will I be able to handle failure if it comes? Am i doing the right thing? Lucille Ball, the famous American comedienne once said, “I’d rather regret the things I have done than the things I haven’t done.” It takes a lot to jump to the other side of fear. To go through the fire of emotions, the what ifs and suspicions. It is easy to say go ahead, try, so what if u fail… But that one step could really take a week or month or even years. But do we really have that much time to sit and ponder upon. Life is brief and the time runs fast. So take that leap. Shut up your mind. Only feed it positive thoughts. Just do it. That something, however small you wanted to do but never dared to. Jump in. Learn. Fall. Rise again. Trust me it is worth it.

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