I asked life…..

adult book boring face

I thought I’d make friends with life

So I asked her to introduce herself,

What did she do? ,How did she look?

And did she come with a rulebook?

I said to life,”will you always be my friend?”

She looked dazed with  pale look on her face

She said she would love to be good to me

But then,how would I learn and be strong,said she.

I said to life,”Be a friend and walk along.”

She said,”I am always there in your sorrow and song”

I pleaded to life,”Why must you be rough?”

She replied,”Dont fret it dear,life is tough.”

Life said its upto us how we look at her

With  smile and hope or with a mind full of fear ,

She said she is a journey with ups and downs

Milestones we conquer and sometimes shaky grounds.

Life said she is a teacher,she lets you choose,

Whether you follow the rules or let yourself loose

Life says nothing ,she only passes by

As you lie in the woods ,wondering why.


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