Dissapointments can be looked at in a good way.

Today we had been to an event to witness the FIFA 2022 trophy at one of the Arabian souqs here in Qatar.

We stood in the queue like thousand others only to be told “times up. Better luck next time.” It was a 3 hour event and number of people exceeded the number of hours the trophy would be on display. I am not at all a sports fan and i find every single sport boring to the core.

However i went coz the kids wanted to go. It was a very difficult deal to watch them tiring their legs for 3 long hours only to face dissapointment.

Now there were tons of things to blame. Mismanagement of the volunteers, their lack of sense as to how many people should be allowed at an event which is for a limited time and many many more senseless decisions of theirs.

But as we were walking home dejected tired and angry at the level of bad luck we were carrying today…. I kept thinking. Offcourse it was a bad day. It was a disastrous waste of precious time. And all for a stupid trophy which really makes no sense to us. It only matters to the football fans worldwide. This brought me to a thought.

The two teams in the finals of the game. So hopeful of winning the trophy. One looses. The other wins. The losing team must be going through hell of emotions and hate for themselves though they may exhibit premium sportsmanship on the field. Each player will regret not winning the finals for months to come or even years.

Our dissapointment at not being able to view the trophy is much lesser in comparison to what the losing team might feel. My legs ache today and i am sad the kids couldn’t click a picture with the trophy.

But at the end of the day i know il go to sleep, wake up and forget about what happened. Call it Just a bad day.. And move on. Offcourse i wouldn’t be risking going to another FIFA event only to witness crowds…. but one thing is for sure.

The winning team will always remember the trophy they held and the losing team will remember for years to come that they came so close to winning it but didnt.

Dissapointments. Look at them carefully. U may feel like they are only meant to be in your life.

Not necessarily. Your disappointment may be much lesser than someone elses with regards to the same subject. So smile and move on. I have had a panadol for my aching legs and gone off to sleep. So you too pack up your dissapointments if any, be grateful for little things in your life and do not fret over things you cannot control. 😊❤️❤️

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