Who decides your worth!

Who decides your worth ,O lady ?

Who decides your worth?

Is it the man you loved and married

Or the children your body carried

The people you call parents ’cause of law

Or the friends for life who you hardly ever saw

Who decides your worth ,O lady?

Why have you let someone

You were born so precious,so pure

The lord made you perfect, i am sure

The people to whom you gave your life

Your strength,your time,your love,your strife

Are they too quick to judge you here

Ohh Please! Know your worth dear!

We cross the path of life but once

Husband, friends,daughters and sons

They love you ,yes they really do

Yet still ! Your worth is known to no one but you.

A dream called home

This poem is dedicated to all us women who dream of building a home ,have built a home and will build a home of their own in future.Because for a lady there is nothing like a place that she calls her own,decorates it as she would like it to be . A place where she is the master,the host,the One who decides and the one who nurtures .Her nest called HER HOME.

One day i shall sit by the window

lacy curtains ,cookies and coffee

one day i shall build a home so lovely

like the one in my dreams i see.

One day i shall cook a lavish meal

in my kitchen so neat and clean

one day i shall mow the lawn in the frontyard

keeping it blissful like it has always been.

One day i shall have a home, my own

french windows through which the sun has shown

divine light upon me and my beloved

as i smile at the colours the walls have worn.

One day i shall feel complete so much

living in my home,my paradise such

simple and warm,always open to the weary

yet so stylish and wonderful very.

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long distance love

Finding true love.whatever that means.i never found love in a pink box of roses or scented cards or stuffed teddys.Yet i found love.For me love was being around my man right from the first time we met and till the time we got married; and today after a long fourteen years love has still been there .we sense it, just like you sense paranormal activity in your house.It is there.In the room where we sit and chat,in the kitchen where he interupts me constantly when i cook,it is there when he offers to bathe the kids and get them ready to school..i see love…like a ghost.there is no honey and no sweetheart here but yes ,there is love.

So what is love?we found love in each other and married but we never went on a honeymoon.we never felt the need for a destination to express our love .Not that it was difficult financially or for reasons related to work ,but it just did not happen.and we never once regreted not going on a honeymoon.

Not that we are a magical perfect couple related to cupid .we fight.fight hard.we cut all communication between us,only to find ourselves more closer to each other ,spending nights together under the sheets of bliss ,drinking wine when we feel like and in a steel glass and at 3:45 am.That is love.you dont need a backdrop of lit candles,expensive wine glasses ,a sommelier to recommend the best wine…….you just need you two.

Love is daily life where you long to see your beloved after work.Where u wait for him to return from a party he went to ,where u dont keep things ready for his work day tomorrow but keep that smile on your face when he returns home at 4:00 am.Love is giving your partner the space he or she needs.love is being there for each other yet leaving each other alone.

And now after a decade and a half when he has to leave for work to a country far away i am faced with something called long distance love.And yes.I am new to this.Never stayed apart,never lived alone.But in our lives there are many things you never do and then those are the very things you have to do.

Yes,the missing each other part is there.There is also trust and patience and testing times when it comes to missing him physically,feeling the void mentally. No amount of skype and conferencing can do good.

In long distance relationships all you can offer each other as gifts is support and trust.(And yes there is Blue Dart and FedEx and DHL for the material ones) ,there is no helping each other involved here,neither there is “i am cooking a delicious meal for you” option here.Its just seeing each other living their respective lives ,yet interwoven into this emotion called love.

So there are all kinds of love.As the definition of the word quotes;love is the basic emotion of life..Yes it is .And when it is between two wonderful people ,it shines .It shines like a pearl .Pure with its own glow.

So what kind of love you are in?Long distance ,short distance,no distance whatever kind it may be…..Just let it bloom,let it drown you in heaven….Heaven like you experience in the arms of the person you call yours…………..

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