Far into the mind

Woke up at 5am.

Desperately wanted some tea.no milk in the refrigerator. Picked up my jacket and keys.drove to the nearest supermarket.

On the way all just so abnormally silent.no people,no cars,no nobody on the streets. Shops open but no one in there. No vehicles,no strays ,no early morning rush.

Still drove my car. All seemed too weird. But thought to myself. May be i am just overreacting. Is it a Sunday? No it isnt. but then how is there nobody!! absolutely nobody!!

Felt like just me on this planet. As my thoughts raced ahead of my car ,i soon realized i am at the store. Parked my car. Rushed inside hoping to find someone . but again. nobody in the supermarket too. Have i lost it!!!!! Is this a normal day?? Has something happened?

By now i was cold to my bones. Picked up milk but no one at the billing counter. I screamed. This isn’t happening. Is this a prank? No reply. Just deafening silence.

I screamed and screamed as loud as i could.

Just then i felt someone shaking me violently.pushing me in my arm..calling my name, asking me to wake up.

Opened my eyes. I was blank. But never before was i so grateful. It was a dream….haha……but it shook me good .i rushed to my window.. Relieved to see a long queue of cars and bikes and trucks all beginning their day… people rushing to work.

And i smiled to myself.

Life would be so much scarier with nobody around but you. and suddenly i was thankful for all the noise around me.good, bad and ugly noises. For there has to be sound. there has to be a commotion.

That’s life.

And there was milk in the refrigerator too.

Aahaaa !!!!life was great again.

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