Observatory series :

Part 3 :Prayers

When i say my evening prayers, i hear the prayers being offered in the mosque near where i stay.

I cant help but think that we in our different languages, different prayers and different ways speak to same almighty whom we dont see but believe exists in every single atom of this universe.

Each mind has something to be grateful for, some have a prayer they want answered, some have a wish they want fulfilled, some just bow down to the great force that made us.

It is amazing how he understands each of us in our different dialects and it is beyond comprehension the amount of faith he instills in us.

The proof that he likes and listens to our evening prayer is the lovely evening sky in its wonderful colours… Just like the many wonderful ways of our prayers.

One response to “Observatory series :”

  1. The dream job that you gave up for your family.
    The willingness to do something amazing in life you sacrificed.
    The pain in your words at time shows the imprint of your past.
    Nevertheless Mandavi you’re still the best …for God gives the best to the one who deserves.
    Keep on filling the gaps of life ..the beauty of bridge will be worth.
    You are a beautiful thought..all the way from a wonderful pen.

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