The observatory series:

In this series of observations around me I Shall take you all to notice that which is around us but we do not see. That which is beautiful, constantly giving out a radiant ray of hope. That which is teaching us something, however small, each day. ❤️❤️

Part 1: Birds

Have you ever thought about the birds that fly around! 🐦On tree tops and roof tops. One window sill to another. 🐥One green branch to another.. Do they have a plan?🐣How do they begin their day? Do they decide their route the night before?🦅

Or may be they just flutter their wings. 🕊️They just enjoy their boon. They fly high, take in the air, chirp squeak and sing joyfully.🦜 May be there is no plan🦉. It is just joy until the sun sets. And rises again for another day. 🦚Much to learn from these birds.

Much to live life like they do.❤️

To learn to give up worries.🧡

To learn to embrace joy.💙

To learn to embrace a gift called life. 💜

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