Loyal to the skies.

A short note on the beautiful memoirs of an airline…. a part of my life lived with fulfillment, a decade and more of globetrotting…..

Jet had a fragrance of freshness, like a beautiful sunny day the aircraft shined and welcomed you each time on a wondrous journey to a place you have never been to, but still could feel its air, each time u landed there… Every city, every state had its own charm.. It’s ground people welcoming you with wide smiles and quick goodbyes coz its a turnaround… The food, the pax the fellow crew.. It was a party.. That we had each day.. Each flight.. Each roster each layover… Planned and the unplanned ones…. Everything meant a lot❤️❤️❤️❤️…….. 🥂To the flying sun.

A second home, a work top, a place where we spent most of our hours in a day. Though the aircraft was lifeless, we breathed life into it.. The songs on the public address that we played before the guests arrived, the innumerable moments we captured on camera, inside and around our loving bird, the meals we had together as a family on the jumpseats all just breathed life into this wonderful bird.

It flew across the skies carrying us all on its back like a mighty bird of flight, blowing wind through our hair, gifting us dreams about a new place that one had never been to.. Pride in what we did and what we knew…. The aircraft… Just so.. Became our life… Our little planet…. Where we got together not just to ferry people from A to B but to make memories that would last a lifetime and more… 🥂To the wings of love.. ♥️♥️🌹

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