The sky at dawn, a hope, a beginning

The breeze, the sun and the birds singing

A new day so pure, untouched and clean

A new page, a new start, new hopes seen

The sun rises up and above

Filling one and all with light and love

As we begin to write another story, to learn and to teach

And push ourselves to the best we can reach

Life happens, it never stops

Morning into afternoon and afternoon to evening it hops

Smile or frown, swim or drown

Life happens it never stops.

So thank God for each second, each moment, each breath

The mornings we enjoy, the sun and the sweat

Thank God for each lovely day

Words of gratitude to praise his way

Write to him, say you love his creations

The gift of life, with love its emotion

Mornings.. They only say a thing

Never mind the worries, fly to the sky.. Spread your wing!

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