My place on earth.

There is a magical place on this planet. It recharges your body, rejuvenates your soul and enlightens your senses , bringing you back to your roots and bringing back that smile on your face, long forgotten under the burden of life as an adult responsible and accountable for whatever you do.

Where is this place ?You may ask.Is it a holiday destination or a scenic spot?

No, it isn’t a holiday destination.

It is the place where you first lived as a child..Where you were born. Where you took your first steps .It is the place where you cried regretting the start of life at school .It is the place where you felt taken care of ,like the little bird nestled comfortably in its nest away from the dangers and insecurities of the outside world.

Your place of birth.

Your home.For many of us that place may no longer look like it used to..It may have put on a new face, the surroundings may be different from what they used to be ,but that magical spot on this earth still stays…And the moment you set foot on this magical terrain ,memories of your childhood come gushing down from your brain to your heart filling the insides of you with a sense of belonging..Like Mother Earth just waiting there with open arms to comfort her child who was far away .Dealing with life, learning ,getting hurt,sometimes feeling alone and traumatised by the harshness of what life has to offer.

Visit your place of birth whenever you can. However far you may be. Make it a point. Do not cut yourself from its love and magic. It is a place where the trees and the streams, the birds and the bushes ,the sky and the air around….All know you .They seem to be happy to see you . They look like they were a part of your journey growing up..

And just spending sometime amongst them brings back the assurance that life is good.No matter where we live there is a place on this planet that is ours and forever will be.

I leave today to be with my family ,my children,my husband to a faraway land . But i am filled with gratitude for having being able to spend a wonderful fortnight in my magical place on earth….My place of birth…My home.

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