The journey called life.

I am writing after a long time today.Not because I ran out of topics ,but because I was pressed for time and the pen seemed such a distant friend suddenly.

I moved to a whole new country.Leaving behind friends,parents,my home,the places I loved and also leaving behind memories of the country I was born and brought up in.However impeccably you plan your life and arrange events in your life to be the way you want them to be ,life never fails to surprise you.We all have a certain mindset about how tomorrow will turn out to be.You know for sure certain things are going to happen and day will unfold as it is supposed to .

I was prepared to move.I was happy and I relentlessly packed my belongings,my books,my entire life to fit into the meagre amount of baggage allowance I was allowed by the airline.Like an obedient child of life I packed my joys, my sorrows,my doubts and worries amidst memories of yesteryears. It was tough.Though with all your will you are keen on the new beginning it is the comfort of the city ,the town where you grew up which refuses to let go .As the day neared ,I thought about the life I lived and the life that was about to begin.

And then I looked up at the sky and said to myself ,this sky is one.Under this very sky we dwell as one whole world divided by boundaries and territories.So what if it was a different country I would live in.It would still be under this very sky….It was a bizarre attempt at consoling myself that I would be fine.That I would adapt soon to the new way of life awaiting me. Nevertheless we know from the age of Neanderthals that humans are excellent examples when it comes to adapting.We blend in.We move on.

The essence of life is moving ahead.Though in our minds we are rooted to the place we were born,where we lived as a child,we hold the hands of life and stroll along wherever she takes us wherever we belong,wherever our destiny is.

Now here I am in a complete new environment,new people and new experiences coming my way.I tell myself each day ,you have seen something new today,learnt to speak the language of the land though very little..It is a start….It motivates you..It gives you an assurance saying you shall soon be one among them.It is not long before you see this new place as your own and then begins a whole new world of new memories you make here ..till its time to move again.

Dedicated to all of you who have migrated from your countries of birth to a whole new world.There may be more journeys still left to encounter…It only means you are moving forward and thats all that matters because in life there should be no regrets and no looking back……..

2 responses to “The journey called life.”

  1. Heartfelt! I can feel the words as i am in a new city, new country too… all adapted and ready for the magic of new beginnings 😊


    1. Wow…Good luck to you


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