Happy Valentine’s week!!

Relationships..Our need to survive.A Connection that grows deeper or fades away as the years go by.How much do we value our relationships.How much is our social well-being dependant on our relationships with family, friends and the community in general.

Most important of all relationships is the relationship between two people in love.

Love.what is love?Is it something that deserves a place in our lives where each day is a struggle to survive and prove ourselves..

When you are in love it is a wonderful feeling.A feeling of being complete.Every individual walking this planet craves for love,craves for being accepted and for the attention that says you are special.Many of us experience walking in paradise when the relationship between two individuals is healthy , positive and beneficial towards each other’s mental well-being.

But what happens when such a relationship hits rocky shores.Reason may be lack of trust,failure to understand each other’s strengths,concentrating on each other’s weaknesses and bringing them up too often and above all EGO.Are these two individuals struggling on their personal front able to perform their very best in respective work areas.Many a times not really..There is a constant need among us to belong.Thus someone who finds little or no love at home pushes himself or herself into being a workaholic so that they experience a sense of belonging towards work if not towards someone they love.

For those who are emotionally sensitive and value relationships more than anything,it may be devastating.They may not be able to corelate things at work and stay aloof when among family and friends.

Ninety percent of problems in a relationship arise due to misunderstandings and assumptions about each other.Ten percent fail due to non compatibility.

So how do we help prevent a relationship from going kaput whereby the two in love, secretly in their hearts hope to see a solution and want togetherness.

It is simple.Yet can be difficult to implement.For once let go of your ego and give in.Open yourself up to the most important person in your life and express your feelings and your fears.Convey to your partner the satisfaction you enjoy when you are being loved and cared for.

Love reciprocates love.

It is an emotion so pure,it struggles to surface from under the dust of ego.It may be painful to forget the negativity that was between the two,step ahead and say sorry.. Nevertheless just do it. And then watch the power of love being unleashed.

People survived the worst case scenarios at the camps of Auschwitz during the Holocaust just because they never gave up on hope of seeing their loved one again.

People have conquered the impossible just because their loved one believed they could.

People have recovered from incurable diseases just because they saw themselves growing old and holding hands with the one they loved.

Such is the power of love and relationships.They are like the sunshine which helps life grow.They are like the rain that soothes the ground.They are like the mountains that sheild us from the harsh cold winds.

Relationship is something our life is woven around.A loved one is the axis around whom our life revolves.until we die…And hope to be loved again wherever we are destined to be born.

So in this fast paced world ,as you finish a day at your workplace pick up flowers or may be a dessert to say how sweet your loved one has been to you.. Reciprocate the love.

Because this is the only one emotion that shall stay on forever,long after you and me exit this planet.

Happy Valentine’s week to you all and may you find Love,stay in Love and keep falling in Love..Because falling in Love is truly rising to the wonderful and content filled days of your life!!!!!

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