A dream called home

This poem is dedicated to all us women who dream of building a home ,have built a home and will build a home of their own in future.Because for a lady there is nothing like a place that she calls her own,decorates it as she would like it to be . A place where she is the master,the host,the One who decides and the one who nurtures .Her nest called HER HOME.

One day i shall sit by the window

lacy curtains ,cookies and coffee

one day i shall build a home so lovely

like the one in my dreams i see.

One day i shall cook a lavish meal

in my kitchen so neat and clean

one day i shall mow the lawn in the frontyard

keeping it blissful like it has always been.

One day i shall have a home, my own

french windows through which the sun has shown

divine light upon me and my beloved

as i smile at the colours the walls have worn.

One day i shall feel complete so much

living in my home,my paradise such

simple and warm,always open to the weary

yet so stylish and wonderful very.

3 responses to “A dream called home”

  1. This is so beautiful and true. I’m on a journey of making this dream house since 5 months and you’ve given me a hope that it’s worth waiting for. Thanks for such blogs and poems. Keep it going.


  2. Aarti Mangaonkar Avatar
    Aarti Mangaonkar

    Very well written Mandvi… and one day I shall also build my own house… Thanks for encouragement… Keep writing. ❤


  3. You got a fire in your pen….so keep rolling….Good job.


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