The Elephant Whisperers. A short film by Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga which won the Oscar 2023 in the best short film category.

I did not know about the film until its nomination. I watched it after it won. What is special about a couple in Mudumalai tiger reserve taking care of orphaned baby elephants?one must watch the film to know. Not just watch because you are having your lunch or dinner and there is nothing better to see. Not because it won the best short film award. Not because it is a short filmand you can manage 40 minutes out of your robotic lifestyles.

Watch it consciously with a deliberation to bring in the world of Bomman and Bellie into your lives.

The film is wonderfully made. The scenes, the naration, the bringing together of the best of the jungle. I am not an expert. I do not write regular reviews. But this film touched my heart. A simple tale of love, kindness and care. Emotions that we still have within us but supressed and rarely expressed under the monotonous routine of our lives and our jobs. Waking up, doing our thing, retiring back to bed at the end of the day only to begin again the next morning.

The simplicity and minimalistic lifestyle of Bennie and Bomman makes you want to leave your luxuries and surrender to their bliss.

They are in tune with nature. Respectful of the living beings around them. They live in understanding the fact of live and let live.

This film is a pure depiction of ‘LOVE BEGETS LOVE’. It is a tale of no negative emotions, no greed, no compulsion. Just open love, like a river that flows with open arms quenching thirst of anyone who wishes to drink off its waters.

There are tears of separation. But there is also an acceptance. There is faith. There is a lifelong bond that does not tie you up but sets you free.

For a long long time I haven’t come across a masterpiece of basic emotion called love and this film is an overwhelming offering to love. To nature. And in totality to our home. The Mother Earth🌎