Thoughts. How fast they keep coming and they don’t stop. Thoughts are like a flowing river forever flowing into our minds. So much that when you are trying to sleep you can never empty your mind off the thoughts.

I wonder how does one think nothing. I tried a few times but couldnt.

Tried not to bring any thoughts into my mind but then you start getting conscious of the fact that you are trying to hold an empty mind….. there you go

Another thought. How difficult it is to calm down. How big an effort is needed to not think anything. Funny and a nonsense thought

But worth thinking…..see…. A thought again!!

Clutter oh clutter!

Walking through the rooms of my home

I see this and i see that

Too many sandals, too many clothes, and a useless stuffed cat

I wonder do i really need all this?

Why have i let this be?

Why have i let things crowd my space?

Clutter clutter everywhere , cant i truly see?

I run to the living room

I see more useless than useful

I start to think, its about time i clear up space

Things unwanted picking up pace

So i decide……

Home is a place to unwind, to be just a little more you

lets not clutter our soulful abode

Lets not make it a crowded market,

Only to struggle finding your way through.

Observatory series :

Part 3 :Prayers

When i say my evening prayers, i hear the prayers being offered in the mosque near where i stay.

I cant help but think that we in our different languages, different prayers and different ways speak to same almighty whom we dont see but believe exists in every single atom of this universe.

Each mind has something to be grateful for, some have a prayer they want answered, some have a wish they want fulfilled, some just bow down to the great force that made us.

It is amazing how he understands each of us in our different dialects and it is beyond comprehension the amount of faith he instills in us.

The proof that he likes and listens to our evening prayer is the lovely evening sky in its wonderful colours… Just like the many wonderful ways of our prayers.

The observatory series.

Part 2 :- The Sun

I see the sunset at the horizon

With a promise to return

I see the sunrise early morning

Filling the day with ray and hope

I see a pattern, I see a lesson

I see ourselves as life unfolds each day

We laugh we cry we love we play

Always leaving behind a promise

A promise to begin again

When hope has dwindled

A promise to be strong

A promise to run along.

A promise… Just like the sun

A promise…. Life is fun.

The observatory series:

In this series of observations around me I Shall take you all to notice that which is around us but we do not see. That which is beautiful, constantly giving out a radiant ray of hope. That which is teaching us something, however small, each day. ❤️❤️

Part 1: Birds

Have you ever thought about the birds that fly around! 🐦On tree tops and roof tops. One window sill to another. 🐥One green branch to another.. Do they have a plan?🐣How do they begin their day? Do they decide their route the night before?🦅

Or may be they just flutter their wings. 🕊️They just enjoy their boon. They fly high, take in the air, chirp squeak and sing joyfully.🦜 May be there is no plan🦉. It is just joy until the sun sets. And rises again for another day. 🦚Much to learn from these birds.

Much to live life like they do.❤️

To learn to give up worries.🧡

To learn to embrace joy.💙

To learn to embrace a gift called life. 💜

The world is still beautiful.

There is a calm around everywhere

A calm of fear, sorrow and pain

There is a child asking its parent

Is my growing up in vain?

There is fire, smoke, sadness and sickness

There is more dark than light

There is a calm that’s not going away

how hard you try with all your might.

But as I rise each morning I see

The sun shows up, the birds in glee

The leaves and flowers still have a charming look

They are still blooming, though the world shook

And no matter how hard it is all around

I choose to see the pretty rose I found

I see it’s not all over yet

The world is still beautiful, as blissful as it gets.

And I think it would be nice to believe

The joy hasn’t disappeared

The light hasn’t changed

It is still the beautiful world we see

Each flower, each blade of grass, well arranged.

So why not give our sorrows a shake

Throw them hard ,let them break

Coz someday we need to smile again

Someday we need to rise and pray

This world that is still beautifully ours

Will help us through and show us the way.

Love❤️❤️❤️…. Mandy.



I always dreamt of being a flight attendant right from the college days. Then after college and two failed attempts, I fulfilled my dream to ride the skies… Did so for 14 long years. Then left my job because folks back home did not want me to continue flying with two kids at home. Never wanted to sit idle so completed my Masters in Human Resources . Cracked Labour law in first attempt. Then moved to a new country with husband and kids. Now, here I am. Home, managing the house, the meals and the kids. I am a full time, home staying mom or whatever trending term it has today.

Through all this, I realized acceptance is key. Life might take you from one road to another, one street to another, one place to another. However our state of mind plays a pivotal role . Yes offcourse when I had to give up on my dream job, it hurt. It did. For months I was clueless about what next. After all the studying and upgrading myself in view of getting a job again , I am still home. I am doing what’s best for me in the current times. I have no clue if I will ever go to work again. But for now I have acceptance in my mind and that is saving me from feeling any kind of regret.

Once acceptance makes home in your mind, life can be good. Do not confuse it with lethargy or giving up easily. There is a thin line between the two. Acceptance allows you to calm down. It prepares you, not only to face what’s in front of you but also gears you up for any situation that might arise in future. Many circumstances in our lives are beyond our control. If we try going in the opposite direction than the one that life has for us , it can lead to regrets and frustration on the road ahead.


In the current scenario, when we are struggling with a calamity, it is very important to breed the seeds of acceptance in our minds. Many of us lost our jobs, are not getting paid on time, our businesses have come crashing down, our friends and family are far off and some of us lost our dear ones to this calamity. There is uncertainty and hope is bleak. Things don’t seem to be getting back to normal anytime soon.

Is this in our control? It never was. It never will be. So let’s just accept. And not crash our minds and souls thinking life is over, It has nothing more to offer. Let acceptance be the only way to calm. Let acceptance be the only way to let the storm pass. Then our minds can function towards whats next. Good times will return. Till then it’s key to keep ourselves sane.

I remember reading a beautiful quote on acceptance by J. K. Rowling. It said.. UNDERSTANDING IS THE FIRST STEP TO ACCEPTANCE AND WITH ACCEPTANCE COMES RECOVERY.

I lost my job, did a double graduate and stayed at home.. Things did not go as planned. But today as I write this I am helping my 14 year old with his math and he says, “Mom! you explain better than anybody else.”I am thrilled to hear that. I am helping my 6 year old with her school project and she is excited to have mom paste the chimney of the house she made.

I am excited too. It took me time to get acceptance to be my friend.. It did… Bad times last. They do. But good times return too and with acceptance and a will to get back on our feet, we can enjoy this one life we have. And that is all that matters..

Wish the world a happier morning soon. Till then I put on my glasses, my thinking cap and dig into the complicated formulae of math.., telling myself I can do this… When else will I put my degrees to use… 😜😜

Loyal to the skies.

A short note on the beautiful memoirs of an airline…. a part of my life lived with fulfillment, a decade and more of globetrotting…..

Jet had a fragrance of freshness, like a beautiful sunny day the aircraft shined and welcomed you each time on a wondrous journey to a place you have never been to, but still could feel its air, each time u landed there… Every city, every state had its own charm.. It’s ground people welcoming you with wide smiles and quick goodbyes coz its a turnaround… The food, the pax the fellow crew.. It was a party.. That we had each day.. Each flight.. Each roster each layover… Planned and the unplanned ones…. Everything meant a lot❤️❤️❤️❤️…….. 🥂To the flying sun.

A second home, a work top, a place where we spent most of our hours in a day. Though the aircraft was lifeless, we breathed life into it.. The songs on the public address that we played before the guests arrived, the innumerable moments we captured on camera, inside and around our loving bird, the meals we had together as a family on the jumpseats all just breathed life into this wonderful bird.

It flew across the skies carrying us all on its back like a mighty bird of flight, blowing wind through our hair, gifting us dreams about a new place that one had never been to.. Pride in what we did and what we knew…. The aircraft… Just so.. Became our life… Our little planet…. Where we got together not just to ferry people from A to B but to make memories that would last a lifetime and more… 🥂To the wings of love.. ♥️♥️🌹

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